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Excellent chimney cleaning in Belfast

Are you looking for extensive chimney cleaning services? Your search ends right here as we at A & C Morrow Chimney Sweeps offer reliable services.

 A & C Morrow Chimney Sweeps

Alan Morrow, born and raised in Belfast, found A. & C. Morrow City and Country Sweep in 1978, providing a friendly and professional service wherever he went. As of November 2015 Alan has now retired following several years training his nephew Craig Morrow to take over in his footsteps. Craig prides himself in following in Alan's footsteps and offering the same exceptionally high level of professionalism and cleanliness of services, knowing that everyone values tidy and professional work. 

"Having worked for over a lifetime as a Chimney Sweep upon my retirement
I wanted to ensure that I left the business in capable and professional hands.
Thankfully my nephew Craig Morrow offered to step I and take over the reigns.

Having spent the last few years training him in the business he quickly came to
demonstrate the same level of professionalism and cleanliness that I aspired for.
Craig is a very honest, professional and more than highly capable young man whom
I can only hope the best for as I know he will take the business to even higher levels
of professional excellence."
Alan Morrow - November 2015

If you are looking for an efficient and professional chimney sweep don't hesitate to contact us.
Make use of our services in Saintfield, Drumbo, Hollywood, Belfast, Newtownards and beyond.

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Member of the NIACS

Providing chimney sweeps for many years, Alan was around since the early days of the Northern Ireland Association of Chimney Sweeps and has been a member since it came together. Since retiring Craig has also become a proud member of the NIACS, the only Authorised body for chimney sweeps in Northern Ireland.
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Professional advice

Are you unsure about how chimney cleaning can help? Craig will be happy to offer advice with a friendly attitude. Why not give Craig a call today knowing that you will be greeted by a friendly and highly professional tradesman?
For extensive chimney cleaning, call A & C Morrow Chimney Sweeps on 
07785 500 064 or on 028 9064 8946

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